Welcome to My Family Dental in Reynoldsburg, Ohio! We take pride in providing exceptional dental care and creating a warm, welcoming environment for our patients. Led by our experienced dentist, Dr. Sushen Sharma a, our dedicated team is committed to helping you achieve optimal oral health.

Our practice focuses on preventive care, and dental cleanings, exams, and x-rays are essential components of maintaining a healthy smile. Regular dental cleanings help remove plaque and tartar buildup, preventing gum disease and tooth decay. Our skilled hygienists will thoroughly clean your teeth, leaving them feeling smooth and refreshed.

During your dental exam, Dr. Sharma will evaluate the overall health of your mouth. This includes checking for signs of cavities, gum disease, oral cancer, and any other dental issues. X-rays are often taken to provide a comprehensive view of your teeth and jaw, allowing us to identify any hidden problems.

At My Family Dental, we understand that financing and insurance options play a crucial role in ensuring affordable dental care for our patients. We accept most major insurance plans and will work closely with you to maximize your benefits. For those without insurance, we offer flexible payment options to fit your budget. Our friendly staff is always available to answer any questions you may have regarding insurance or financing.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Cleanings, Exams & X-Rays:

How often do I need dental cleanings and exams?

It is recommended to have dental cleanings and exams every six months. However, the frequency may vary based on your oral health needs. Dr. Sharma will advise you on the appropriate schedule during your visit.

Are dental x-rays safe?

Yes, dental x-rays are safe. We use digital x-rays, which emit significantly less radiation compared to traditional film x-rays. Additionally, we take necessary precautions, such as using lead aprons, to minimize exposure.

Will dental cleanings hurt?

Dental cleanings are typically painless, although some patients may experience minor discomfort or sensitivity. Our gentle and skilled hygienists will ensure your comfort throughout the cleaning process.

What can I expect during a dental exam?

Dr. Sharma will thoroughly examine your mouth, teeth, and gums. He may also perform an oral cancer screening and check your bite alignment. If any issues are detected, he will discuss treatment options with you.

Can I eat or drink before my dental appointment?

It is recommended to avoid eating or drinking anything except water at least one hour before your appointment. This helps ensure accurate examination and treatment.

At My Family Dental, we are committed to delivering outstanding dental care in a comfortable setting. Contact us at 614-759-4746 to schedule your dental cleaning, exam, and x-ray appointment. Let us help you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile!